Cultivate our differences.

A sheltered workplace

At the heart of the city, in leafy Neder-Over-Heembeek, ‘La Ferme Nos Pilifs’ is a social enterprise registered with the Commission of the French Community (Cocof). The farm was founded in 1984 to address the lack of access to employment for people with intellectual disabilities in the North of Brussels. It has since developed in order to offer 170 jobs of which 140 are reserved for persons with disabilities. Adapting the work to the employees’ abilities can reduce their handicap or barriers to work, so that they can all thrive in the tasks they accomplish.

Spread over 12 acres, the working farm is host to all the usual farm animals. This idyllic setting is ideal for family and nature walks.

Our company aims to provide meaningful, fulfilling, and rewarding work to anyone with a disability. We strive to combine this social objective with economic and environmental goals in order to turn the farm into a fully sustainable business.

We now cater for six different types of activities which complement each other and are carefully selected for their social contribution to the neighborhood and the interaction they allow with customers and visitors. In 2009, a specific ‘apprentice’ scheme was put in place to give access to work to a greater number of our employees.


Ever since its inception, the farm has favoured an environmentally conscious approach in all its projects. Every day, we demonstrate that a professional, successful business can be environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

We try and implement the highest level of environmental management possible in the choice and practice of our activities as well.

Finally, our buildings all feature energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

Six activities, one idea: integration

1. Educational farm
This dynamic team is responsible for maintaining the park and caring for its animals. They also manage the kitchen gardens and the poultry. The team welcomes children on their school visits or during holiday activities, as well as on Wednesday afternoons for birthdays at the farm!

2. The garden centre
Do you need help with designing your garden or brightening up your patio? Our garden centre offers a wide range of flowering plants, shrubs, fruit trees, as well as entirely ‘green’ tools and plant care products, to turn your green space into an oasis.

3. The garden design and maintenance team
In addition to providing the ultimate relaxation experience, a garden also goes through constantly evolving changes thanks to its growing ecosystem. Put your trust in the expertise and experience of the farm’s professional gardeners to maintain or develop this space, in a 100% environmentally friendly manner.

4. The ‘Estaminet’
The ‘Estaminet’ (the tavern) is a pleasant stop for a drink, a snack or even a hearty meal. Its terrace makes it enjoyable both in the winter and in the summer, and you can relax in its warm and friendly atmosphere every day of the week!

5. The grocery / bakery
Our grocery sells organic fruit and vegetables certified by the BIO label. We also sell our own « Made In Pilifs » products from our livestock, along with fruit from our orchards. Last but not least, you will find an assortment of delicacies hot from the wood oven of our artisan bakery.

6. Manual handling
This flexible and efficient team is in charge of all the manual handling and mail services to businesses. They also hand pick the season’s fruit and vegetables that go into the organic baskets we deliver weekly to any address in Brussels.

How to contact us & how to find us

La Ferme Nos Pilifs NPO
Trassersweg 347
1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek – Brussels

The farm’s park is open every day of the year from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. with free admission